/Boo, dwar/ noun - a woman’s bedroom or private room.

I go beyond this and try to include heirlooms, personal decor and/or belongings. This is YOUR space and the visuals need to celebrate YOU. Even if the images are intended for a special someone in your life, it’s an extension of YOUR life. Artists wanting to showcase their work will also find this a most fun and expressive medium that I offer. Common questions I ask when planning a boudoir session are; “Where would you be most comfortable doing this in? What boudoir outfits do you personally enjoy the most and what colors are they? Do you want the images to be high-end like a Victoria’s secret catalogue collection, or artsy and playful with a more classical and traditional approach. Whatever you are most comfortable with is the best way to do this. Bring a friend or two and let’s create!

Please don’t hesitate to ask any questions if you have any. You can contact me here. Also be sure to check out this Downloadable PDF about how I go about Portraiture Sessions.