I love female feet. Photographing feet is a hobby and passion of mine. I do NOT make any money from FootModeling503. This project simply separates and organizes my feet photography artwork from my portraiture photography service and business. Models are usually unpaid volunteers. I'm rarely willing to pay a model for this, as I don’t make any money from it and there are plenty women willing to volunteer a bit of their time free of charge. To this day, I have only worked with a few paid models for much bigger foot modeling shoots (often lasting more than 3 hours).

My entire life I've had a passion for female feet. As a photographer, photographing women's feet is my favorite hobby when allowed. In my travels and adventures, I've been blessed to have met so many wonderful individuals willing to let me photograph and capture the visual aesthetic of their feet. Let me be very clear: This is not porn or a foot fetish page. I do have a foot fetish but There's no sexual or provocative material here. As an artist, I only wish to express my creative eye, and love of the female form / aesthetic of female feet. Footmodeling503 is a hobby project combining my passion of photography with my love for female feet. It is legitimate.