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Booking a session entitles you to full service. Everything will be 100% tailored to meet your wants & needs. You have first priority. My schedule will be cleared of any collaboration related tasks. Your budget ensures us the highest quality I could possibly provide. I ask questions like: “what are the photos for”, “how soon do you need them by”, “can you provide any examples of how you want them to look”, or “did you have any locations or outfits in mind”. We will plan your photoshoot thoroughly in a progressive & timely manner. Please check out my “portait info” PDF & let me know if you would be interested in having me do your portraiture for you.

Collaborations are Time for Print / Trade for production. No money is exchanged & we work with what resources we have available. I’m also highly selective about who I choose to collaborate with and only collaborate on projects that allow me the freedom to pursue my passions, ideas & visions as a creative artist. We’re a band. Musicians prefer to play with people they work well with. They also only commit to music they’re passionate about or getting paid for. Likewise, I only have time to collaborate with people I vibe with on projects I’m passionate about, or getting paid for. It’s the same thing. We can jam & if we like jamming together let’s do it again.

Photos from the collaborations are uploaded to my website & social media so that other models & potential collaborators may see them. Photos from booked client sessions are rarely ever uploaded & if/when they are, only specific images are uploaded with permission so that other potential clients & businesses may see them. Almost all of the image sets in the galleries section are from collaborations.


Every once in a while I reach out to people I’ve met in-person or discovered online in the hopes that we’ll have creative chemistry & can work together. I like their look, style, aesthetic, or perhaps I found them through someone else. That get’s my attention. Communication is more important however. How they react & respond to my advances tells me a lot about if we’re going to get along or not. Perhaps I’m working on a project & want to know if you’d be a good fit or might be interested.

Many photographers & artists do this. In this creative industry collaborations are a convenient low-cost & low-risk ritual that many artists & performers indulge in. It’s a great way to build a portfolio, further experience, & discover other people you connect with. Your vibes attract your tribe. I’m constantly building my community & culture while also updating my portfolio & experience. It’s a lot of fun. Please check out my work & the “modeling info” PDF (also found at bottom of every page on my website). Feel free to Let me know what you think

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