Blue, Gold, & Pink Hair!

Time Flies! The blue hair shoot on a cloudy day is the very first collaboration we ever did. She found me through another model I had worked with Carissa and reached out to me! I was still living in Salem at the time. My plan was to shoot on the PDX bridges. It slightly rained on our parade and a cop told us we couldn’t shoot on the highest bridge. Luckily we had already grabbed some photos before he told us to leave. He said they had received a complaint which must have been a lie. No one could see us from the ground so it would have been someone driving in that thick fog. Calling/texting while driving is usually not okay lol

The next year we did the pink hair shoot during the Fall and she rocked the golden hair during the winter!

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Aubrey // MonarchTokyo

A year later we got together again and did a spontaneous shoot in front of a building with yellow and blue walls!