The Vanity Fair Inspired Photo Series


One of my dreams is to one day have the opportunity to photograph a celebrity for a giant magazine company like Vanity Fair. One of my heroes is Annie Leibovitz (no surprise because her work is a dream of many photographers world wide). I first discovered her through her work for Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace in a 1999 issue of Vanity Fair when I was 9 or 10 years old! She was brought on again to photograph The Force Awakens -and yet even again for The Last Jedi. I love the lighting, the style, the painteresque touch/quality to her imagery. I wanted to try my hand at capturing a similar look/aesthetic, especially since I rarely do studio work. Most people hire me for outdoor portraiture.

But back in early January 2018, I started drawing-up plans. I reached out to studio-after-studio in the Salem and Portland areas only to be told they were either fully booked, out of my price-range, or were not interested. I decided to use my own apartment studio. I already had almost everything I needed. I rented a Profoto B2 and the associated complimentary accessories, purchased a Matthews apple-box, ordered a textured background, and also rented some continuous lights. My uncle Dave Partipilo let me borrow one of his fancy chairs which had been in the family possession since way before my time. I then contacted everyone I knew and sent them the look books and planned to shoot in April.

I contacted over 20 people. Almost half of them said they were interested. But only 4 actually came through and made this happen. I want to special thanks Robin Vada, Kate, Jade, and Sophia for coming through and making this vision of mine possible. I also want to thank Miki Willis and Alicia Watkins for doing hair and makeup. Both did a tremendous and fantastic job. I also want to thank Sophia's mom and sisters for helping with her outfitting, hair, and makeup. I also want to thank my uncle for letting me borrow the chair. I'm so glad I got to collaborate with everyone. This was a very consuming project. I can't thank everyone enough. I hope you like the photos as much as I enjoyed coordinating and shooting them. I would very much like to expand my work in this direction and will definitely be trying this again someday when I can afford to do it again.




Jade // HMUA: Miki Willis


Robin // HMUA: Alicia Watkins


Sophia // HMUA: Her mother and sisters


Special Thanks:

Robin Vada, Alicia Watkins, Miki Willis, Jade Amaia, Kate Ilb, Sophia Hopkins, Paulina Grinsell-Hopkins.


Robin Vada

Model: Robin Vada (@robin.vada)    //    HMUA: @alicialwatkins


Model: Jade (inst: @jade_amaia_raimondi)    //    HMUA: @miki_willis


Model: Sophia Hopkins    //    HMUA: Her mom & sisters

All photos were taken in the presence of model's parent/legal guardian. Model release is on file.

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