Grime Child


But is getting one anyways...

Do you ever feel like you can get away with doing something "trashy" or "alternative" or "taboo" because you're "not like that" ever? Ever feel like you'll survive because you're different? Well that's how I felt when one time when I grabbed a cookie from the cookie tray at a gathering in Salem, OR. The guy who baked them said "no, don't do it. You can't handle these. You don't even smoke. You don't know what you're doing. I'm warning you". Choosing to ignore the warning, I grabbed one and confidently ate it and didn't feel anything. About an hour later I still didn't feel anything. Thirty minutes after that, still nothing. A really cute girl I had been talking with all night came back to walk by me and said "good night" with the cutest smile. And then I lost consciousness.

I literally fell to the floor in an absolute loss of all stamina. In seconds I was passed out. Then I blinked and I was back on my feet again. I started searching for my friends, hoping I could trust them. I had never experienced this before. I ran to my friends who were all sitting against the wall. I tripped and fell again. I heard them talking. Then one of them grabbed me, helped me back up to my feet, and walked me to the wall that my peeps were chilling at. That man was Aldo Granados.

I sat down and then laid down and kept fading in and out of consciousness. One moment I was asleep. Then the next I was wide awake. Aldo kept telling me "man, it's alright. You're not gonna die. You're just fucking high". His brother kept telling me the same thing. Both of them assured me everything was going to be fine.

After the party was over, Aldo and his brother helped walk me down the stairs, onto the street, and then into Aldo's car. They took me to Aldo's place and let me stay in the master bedroom over night.

Aldo is one of the best friends you could ever ask for. He didn't write on my face or try to mess with me. He's nurturing, caring, and supportive. That's exactly the type of person I like hanging out with. You can trust people like Aldo.

Besides that: Aldo and I have known each other since 2012 when he was in a rap group called Day Time Killers; a music group I often collaborated with. We've made a couple experimental videos together. I'll link those at the very bottom for anyone interested in seeing where we come from.

Fast forward to early 2018:

This was a tribute portrait project I wanted to do. We both have kind of gone our separate ways in life as many people often do when growing up. It's difficult for us to keep in touch. Especially for me. I always struggle with keeping in touch with old friends or even new friends. So I wanted to do this project showcasing Aldo's artwork. He's an amazing artist and is constantly working on new ideas. He had a project called Grime Child and I thought it was an appropriate title for this art project as well.

So without further paragraphs of my rambling, pretending like I can write anything at all:

I present ...

Grime Child

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