Blast from the past!

Hello everyone!

I wanted to share some portraits I took back when I worked at our local mall as a family and children photographer. This was YEARS AGO! I don’t know how my friend recovered these but thank you so much! It’s so cool to see how I’ve grown and developed. I want to thank my friends and fellow staff who trained me and helped me grow both as an employee, worker, and photographer during that time frame. I was sad to hear the place has since closed down and is no longer operating. Wishing the best to my fellow employees and friends who used to work there.

If you are interested in doing a children’s portrait session or teen modeling session please contact me and tell me the details. I’m always open to any ideas or suggestions and am constantly looking for opportunities to connect with other people, learn, and grow. Downpayment secures your session and covers time. I’m happy to negotiate session fees to fit within your budget, scope, and scale. Connect with me today as wait times can be long as the year continues to pick up.

Thanks so much! Stephan Partipilo

Emma & Devin - Portland Dance Center

Emma & Devin - Portland Dance Center

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