The Night Before - A Photo Roman by Stephan Partipilo

I made this as a student art project during my time with Recording Radio Film Connection and also as a student job shadowing & assisting for Erin Galey at In The Flicker in Portland, OR. The goal was to practice planning, process, and executing projects while demonstrating an understanding of basic cinematography & visual story telling. I came up with this idea for a story by the locations I was familiar with and the people in my home town I had access to. I also knew that I wanted it to have drama and feel dark/gritty with sort of a gothic tone. So this is what I came up with.

Cine-Books, a website that features photo-stories and photo romans found my work on Vimeo and Instagram. They contacted me and asked if I’d be interested in submitting the work in their annual contest. I thought “why not, sure”. I thought I wasn’t going to win and that everyone else’s work was probably better than mine and that they just wanted submissions. But much to my surprise I won 1st place and the grand prize out of 5 possible positions & award placings.

I can’t thank everyone who helped make this happen enough. We all worked so hard during the 1-2 days of shooting. And I spent maybe an entire week planning and preparing. It was an amazing experience.

THE NIGHT BEFORE: A Photo Roman by Stephan Partipilo


“A young waitress encounters a creepy man at work who is revealed to be a dangerous predator”

Jennelle Gee

Ryan Fedrizzi


The Book Bin, and Archive Coffee & Bar in Salem, Oregon.

Stephan Partipilo


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