Please consider and respond to the following questions. If you’re uncertain or undecided on a question/answer please let me know and I might be able to help determine a feasible appropriate solution. The more I know what you’re trying to accomplish, the better I’ll be able to help and assist you. Please keep in mind every project is different but all projects require a budget proportionate to the scope and scale of work. Cost estimations can sometimes take a while to produce. Thank you for your patience. I look forward to hearing from you.

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Is this a commercial for a product, business, brand, event, or similar? What is the goal of the video? What is the “message” or “story” of your video?
Would you like to receive a detailed report(s) of costs, production, and/or work (ex: line items)?
What are the date(s) & time(s) of event? Or when does the video need to be finished?
Roughly how long do you expect the finished video to be (ex: about a minute, 3 minutes)? Longer videos will cost more.
Where will the video be published? (Various websites and social media have different requirements for file types and many other technical specifications).
If this is an event (such as wedding, concert, gathering, similar, etc.) what will the lighting be like at the location of shooting? Any pictures of the location is much appreciated.
Please list and include any and all important specific things you want video coverage/footage of.
Please provide links to any examples of how you want the finished product to look like and include any specific details you want to point out.






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